Thursday, July 12, 2012

Easy Peasy PJ Pants

This past Father's Day (or as my daughter calls it Daddy's Day) we decided to go on our first family camping trip. To make it a little extra special I thought I would whip up some camping pj's for the munchkins. My kiddos are 21 months and 4 years old, so anything Momma makes them is always awesome :) I did some searching on Pinterest and found a super easy tutorial at this awesome blog, My Cotton Creations. Her photo tutorial has great detail and is really easy to follow. I whipped up these pj pants in no time! Just a bit of a warning once you realize who easy they are to make you might decide to stop buying pj pants and making everyone you know a pair :)

Here are some photos of the kiddos modeling their pj pants on our camping trip...
All the fabrics you see in the pj pants can be purchased at Fabric Nerds. For my daughter's pants I used Daisy Cottage Main Print and Fly a Kite Yellow Gingham (for ruffles seen in first pic). For my son's pants I used the picnic print from the Crabtastic Line. 

A HUGE ONE DAY SALE at FABRIC NERDS is coming up next Friday, July 20th. I am celebrating something BIG and wanted to celebrate BIG with all of you. Stay tuned during the week for more details on this BIG event.

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  1. Fab idea! ooowww and I know a little chap who might want a pair of new PJ bottoms too!

    Hope you have a wonderful birthday, hugs Sarah x