Monday, February 20, 2012


For the past few weeks I have been going through all of my fabric catalogs circling, uncircling (and recircling), and debating color schemes and patterns on upcoming fabrics that I think would be great additions to the shop. It is really hard sometimes in choosing fabrics, because even though I might absolutely love it, others might not. Vice versa also it might not click with me but could be a best seller. That is where my friends and family have been really helpful in giving their opinions on upcoming lines I have thought about purchasing. So I thought they have been so great in helping why not toss my ideas to all of you guys out there and let me know your opinions on what types of fabrics you would like to see in the shop Here are a few lines I am currently debating on:

First one is called Crabtastic by Blend Fabrics and gets released in April: LOVE LOVE LOVE! What about you guys?

2nd Line is called Rhapsodia and would be a debuting fabric in the shop for Art Gallery Quilts and is also an April release: I am loving the boho feel and retroish colors!

3rd line is called Tinsel by Blend Fabrics & would be Fabric Nerds' first holiday line being offered: I think its super cute!

The final line is called Aubrey and would also be another debuting fabric this time for Studio E Fabrics: I think these fabrics would make an absolutely gorgeous quilt!

So let me know what you guys think :)



  1. I just discovered Blend Fabrics glad to find your shop and your blog now, too! It's a good day on the internet! I hope you've ordered some Tinsel and Crabtastic. I'm especially fond of the newsprint and geometrics of any kind...not as much the big "panel" style print. But I love fabric of all sorts and would probably fall for any of the ones you have featured in this post!

  2. Hi Amy, Welcome and glad you found us. I did end up ordering Crabtastic it arrives this month actually into the shop and I will be ordering Tinsel which will be arriving in May :)