Wednesday, May 30, 2012

A Plan (Thankfully) Interrupted

So as you all know my hubby was away this past weekend and I planned on doing a whole bedroom makeover for him while he was away. I had my mind set to finish our quilt and give our bedroom a more "grown-up" look and then I got ambushed by cuteness! How could I say no?!

So needless to say my bedroom did not get the makeover it so desperately needs but I am so completely happy that I got ambushed by this cuteness. It was a mini wake up call to chill, throw my to do lists out the window, and enjoy the weekend with my beautiful munchkins <3

Our weekend was filled with FINGERPAINTS...




Kiddos with their Nana

 It was a terrific weekend for my family and I. A great reminder for me that sometimes I need to just throw out my to do lists/plans and just sit back and soak up the day and the freedom our military men and women protect and fight for us to have and enjoy. 

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and continue to have a terrific week ahead :)
<3 Kris

Our winner for the FQ Bundle of Savannah Bop was Beth Miller! Congrats to Beth! 

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