Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Go Big or Go Home

I have been working on my quilt for my bedroom makeover surprise I hope to complete this weekend while my husband is away visiting family. As I type that I hope he doesn't read this blog but I think I am safe because I would place my life savings that he doesn't even know what a blog is or reads anything I post on Facebook :).  I have completed a full row of 9 blocks only 81 more blocks to go..I can do this! I went off the pattern a little because I thought with all the different patterns in the fabric, the blocks would look cool pieced right together instead of having sashing in between them. Here is a quick sneak peek of what it looks like so far;

I have to give myself a pat on the back. I am quite pleased with how it is coming out for my first time attempting a BIG quilt. 

I have also been contemplating on what else to do in this bedroom makeover and think I have picked out the colors I want to do. With the quilt being so colorful and bold I want the wall colors subdued, so I think I am going to do khaki color walls with a accent wall behind our bed in chocolate brown. I also did some poking around in our garage attic and I found an old wooden shutter that I think I am going to paint a deep purple,  dark red, aqua , (ugh not quite sure yet) and upholster part of it with some extra fabric I have. 

I was also thinking of putting some canvases of us throughout the years above our bed. Having canvases made is not in my budget though so I found some awesome tutorials on Pinterest on how to make my own. Of course I can't do something simple :) so I have started playing around in my photo program with a vintage photo effect to them. here is a sneak peak, what do you think?

Well that is it for now. Let me know what you all think of my ideas or any suggestions on this makeover. Right now I better get back to some sewing while my youngest is actually napping, which is a rarity nowadays.

<3 Kristyn
Fabric Nerds

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