Monday, April 30, 2012

Arriving & Sneak Peek

A lot of awesome things are happening this week. First, on a personal note...tonight is my last night of grad classes and then I start my 4 month summer break (yay! here I come), Art Gallery Fabrics Rhapsodia line comes in tomorrow, and Blend Fabrics line Crabtastic gets shipped today. I am so excited to get these two fabric lines. I just know they are going to look amazing in person. You can never go wrong with fabric from Art Gallery or Blend Fabrics.

Here is a closer look at the two lines.. I am imagining a tank top dress for myself out of Rhapsodia and a fun picnic blanket out of Crabtastic.

Rhapsodia by Art Gallery 
Artisan Ruby
Mystic Aura Fields

Boho Stitches Dark

Temple Tiles Inca
Weaving Sol

Crabtastic by Blend Fabrics

Newsprint in Ivory
Picnic in Aqua
Spices in Yellow
Tablecloth in Red
Lobster in Ivory

This past week I have been searching through all my fabric catalogs to see which lines I want to order and when. Here is a line from Blend Fabrics that will be arriving in the shop sometime in August...

Little Monkey by Blend Fabrics

What do you think. super cute right? What kind of fabrics would you like to see more of in the shop?

Have a wonderful week!

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